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JC Auto Breakers can pick up your scrap vehicle. Any time day or night

With The Car Scrappage Scheme - Best Prices Paid for scrap cars and vehicles

Let us know when you want your vehicle removed, you can set the time to pick up your car, Day ot Night 24/7.
BEST PRICES paid and we take it away.

What could be easier? Just ring us today or email
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Vehicle Parts & Spares

The the scrap yard is open 8am to 8pm, even weekends

Buy your vehicle parts and spares online via eBay. No fuss and you know we will reserve the parts you need.
Internet Sales: A great way to get Your Car Parts & spares !!!

Vehicle Parts & Spares available in Dartford
Telephone or call in.

UK Sales of vehicle Parts & Spares.
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for a great selection of car products.

Car Buyers

Car Scrappage Scheme Equals A Higher Price Offered

Take advantage of our Scrappage Scheme today. Contact us & you will be offered a far better deal than accepting scrap value from a scrap yard.

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